Our technical expertise includes:
  • WLAN – 802.11b/g/a/n
  • WiMAX – 802.16d/e
  • 3.5/4G wireless - HSPA, LTE
  • ZigBee – 802.15.4
  • VoIP, VoWLAN
  • Video streaming over WLAN
  • MIMO and smart antennas
  • Security
  • Mobile applications and services
  • NIST framework for Smart Grid
  • Cellular Certification Strategies
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Municipal wireless networks
  • RFID networks

Deep technical expertise

OakTree Consulting is made up of globally recognized subject matter experts in advanced networking. This expertise comes from years spent with companies at the forefront of networking innovation, such as Motorola, Cisco, IBM, Dell, AMD, Intel, Texas Instruments, Lucent, Wayport and others. Several OakTree associates were founding members of the Wi-Fi Alliance and we have held numerous leadership positions in the Alliance and other industry consortia.

Because of OakTree’s technical specialization, our client engagements are highly efficient. Clients experience our positive impact almost immediately---without the educational ramp up period that generalist consulting firms require.

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