Product and Service Innovation

Top performing companies recognize that product or service innovation is crucial for sustainable, long-term growth. Whether it’s improving an existing offering or introducing a new product or service, market leaders continually identify, assess, and exploit new opportunities that create customer value and market differentiation.

The ability to innovate and successfully develop and deliver market-ready offerings is increasingly challenging, however, for most organizations. Customer needs change quickly. New technologies and standards are evolving. Competition is on the rise. In addition, R&D and product development teams are under tremendous pressure to meet short term goals and optimize efficiencies.

OakTree Consulting has a solid 10-year track record of helping companies in technology-driven industries identify, evaluate, and develop innovative, market-ready products and services. Superior market intelligence can help make the difference between product success and a bad development investment. Few organizations have OakTree’s depth of knowledge about wireless and advanced networking technologies and related market dynamics. We also bring a new, objective perspective to the table. Clients know they can rely on us to help them make critical decisions, such as which projects to invest in, which technical standards to utilize, and which partners to pursue. Working together we improve R&D efficiencies, reduce market risk, and accelerate time to market.

OakTree's team can help you:

  • Develop keener insight into evolving customer needs
  • Assess the current and emerging competitive landscape
  • Identify market trends and future scenarios
  • Identify and assess new opportunities for value creation
  • Create a comprehensive technology strategy
  • Align technology strategy and product roadmaps to business strategy
  • Evaluate development investment priorities
  • Define key product requirements and technical specifications

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