Phil Belanger

Phil Belanger is a pioneer in the wireless industry and an acclaimed visionary. He has spent over 25 years in the networking industry, with the last 15 years focused on wireless technologies. He has served in executive level positions at Zilog, Corvus Systems, Adaptec, Xircom, Aironet, Wayport, Vivato and most recently BelAir Networks. In addition to his work with OakTree, Phil leads another technology consulting firm, Novarum, specializing in municipal wireless networks.

Phil was instrumental in creating and promoting the 802.11 standard for wireless LANs. He was active in the IEEE 802.11 committee during the development of the original Medium Access Control and Physical layer standards. Phil is a co-author of the DFWMAC protocol, which was selected as the foundation for the IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol standard and is still used with Wi-Fi today. He was one of the founders of the Wi-Fi Alliance, and served as Chairman of the organization leading the early efforts of interoperability and awareness of the Wi-Fi brand.

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