OakTree consultants actively participate in the following associations:

Holistic market insight

OakTree consultants share a uniquely holistic view of today’s networking industry.
Our team members constantly gather and interpret market data from many different sources – across the entire ecosystem. Our industry affiliations are diverse. We interact regularly with large, deep-seated industry giants, as well as small, up-and-coming players. We speak frequently with customers across industries to understand their evolving needs. We also actively participate in multiple standards organizations and interact with numerous regulatory agencies around the world.

Our ability to see the industry's 'big picture' means we can easily recognize a series of seemingly unrelated events as a potential shift in the industry. We also understand existing and developing interrelationships between competitors, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the ecosystem. This valuable insight allows our clients to identify and respond to emerging trends, opportunities, and threats more quickly for significant competitive advantage.

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